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Fri, Aug 18

MDEX Online, Inc. is a national full service medical-legal consulting firm. The company was established to give attorneys easy access to the country's leading medical and disability authorities and the broadest array of medical legal consulting services- delivered conveniently and cost-effectively over the Internet.

gavel Does you expert have a Daubert history? Does your opponents? Shouldn't you know?

Our critically acclaimed 'Daubert Tracker' now makes it possible to more accurately check the 'gatekeeping history' of experts before retention or deposition.

Key features include:
  • all federal and state evidentiary gatekeeping standards tracked
  • all reported and numerous unreported cases
  • country's largest repository of 'Daubert' documents
  • 14,000+ case records, 16,000+ expert records
  • updated daily
  • powerful full text opinion search

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    As a leader in the legal field, MDEX Online is committed to providing attorneys, consulting clinicians and experts with training on medical legal topics of relevance and interest. Training is typically provided in a one hour "web lecture" format whereby the participant can listen to the lecture by telephone and simultaneously view the video component of the lecture via computer monitor. Learn more...

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    Challenging the Financial Expert in the Post-Daubert Era
    Mark Shirley,CPA, CVA, CFFA, CFE
    December 17, 2003
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    MDEX Online, Inc. is proud to
    be the official, online, Daubert case-tracking service of Trialsmith


    Daubert Tracker selected as training tool for National Judicial College’s Scientific Testimony and Expert Witness course
    MDEX launches ‘Daubert Tracker’ August 7th

    MDEX launched its 'Daubert Tracker' product on August 7, 2002.
    MDEX forms ‘Daubert Tracker’ Advisory Panel

    MDEX has formed an advisory panel comprised of seven of the nation's foremost authorities on evidence and expert witness testimony.

    Medical Procedure Cost Analysis Product Launched

    MDEX Online has developed a web-enabled service for attorneys and adjusters that cost-effectively measures the cost of a single medical procedure and all ancillary charges related to the procedure.

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