MDEX Online has developed a set of core competencies in the primary processes that "cut across" all practice areas in the medical litigation arena. Additionally, however, we have made efforts to address the individual needs of attorneys in specific practice areas. All of our services, both general and practice-specific, are listed below:

Medical Record Review
Record Organization
Record Scanning
Record Abstraction and Chronology
Record Analysis
Timelines, Charts
Medical Research

Litigation Support Services
Expert Search Services
Telephonic Malpractice Screenings

Economic Damage Assessments
Economic Damage Calculators
Wage Loss Calculator
Life Expectancy Calculator
Economic Damage Estimates
Wage Impact Estimates
Wage Earning Capacity Estimates (Matrimonial Law Only)
Economic Damages Experts
Vocational Expert Services
Life Care Planning Services
Labor Economist Services
Economic Damages Peer Review

Social Security Consultation
Social Security "2nd Opinion"
Pre-Hearing Analysis

Daubert Tracker

The company is continuously evolving and improving the quality and breadth of its services to attorneys. To help us realize our goals in this regard, we encourage suggestions and ideas from all of our current and prospective customers. We hope that you contact us if you have needs for medical and disability consultation services in your practice area that are going unmet.

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